Our Work


A Ponte

A Ponte is a modern co-working space and enterprise incubator right outside of Lisbon. It features offices for rent on an hourly or monthly basis, meeting rooms, seminar areas, and connections to international business leaders and universities.

ESPAço VIDA MAis (Second-Hand store)

A vibrant second-hand store  located in a lower class neighborhood that seeks to provide high quality clothing and household items at affordable prices.   The store has quickly become a local "gathering place" for residents living in the area.


An initiative seeking to revive and support local entrepreneurship in the rural areas of Portugal affected by the devastating fires of 2017 in the region of Pedrógão Grande, a rural region an hour outside of Lisbon.

Re-nascer Conference

Every year Re-nascer hosts a conference inviting some of the leading business leaders in Portugal. The conference is  hosted in the Pedrógão Grande region and attracts budding entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business owners, giving opportunity for learning and networking. 

Re-nascer Challenge

The Re-nascer Challenge brings together participants from Pedrógão Grande, giving them the opportunity to compete for monetary prizes for the best business pitch. The four-month long process also involves workshops and networking opportunities. The competition culminates in a big event where leading Portuguese business leaders are invited to evaluate the pitches. 

Business and Cultural Trips

Trips between the U.S. and Portugal designed for business professionals and graduate students to be immersed in the culture and business of both countries, by engaging with entrepreneurs and business leaders, touring companies and universities, and visiting historic landmarks and cities.

Enterprise Exchange

Our extensive network of for profit and nonprofit enterprises in both North America and Portugal allows us to create unparalleled personal and enterprise connections. Our Portuguese and American based board and staff members have deep connections into many sectors including universities, government, faith based organizations, and small and large firms.


A 2,500 square foot warehouse right outside Loures (10 minutes from Lisbon) that re-purposes furniture and appliances that are then sold at more affordable prices.

OTher programs

Loures Community Bazaar

The Bazaar provides critical clothing and small household items approximately 4-5 times per year through a collaboration with German churches and supporters who generously direct regular shipments of high quality used clothing to Loures.

The Leadership Training Series

Seminars and conferences that bring a variety of business, economic, entrepreneurial and other leaders to Portugal to provide critical training, lectures, discussions, and advice to the Portuguese in an effort to share knowledge and build hope.

The Portuguese Bible Institute (PBI) 

A non-denominational Bible school conducting evening classes and programs designed to train students from different denominations to be relevant Christian leaders. Classes are taught by professors from Portugal and other countries. The PBI offers programs through extension centers in local churches, as well as the main campus near Lisbon.

Internships and Associates

We offer internships in Portugal for short or mid-term lengths of time that cover all facets of business.