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In Portugal. For Portugal

Friends of Portugal is a North American nonprofit organization that exists to nurture economic opportunity, participate in significant social projects, and share business and entrepreneurial knowledge with the Portuguese on many levels.

What is Friends of Portugal?

Friends of Portugal partners and serves with secular and faith-based organizations, local governments, and groups and individuals with similar interests and goals, and a shared desire to influence and motivate the people of Portugal to pursue and create mutually beneficial opportunities that fuel economic growth and development in the community.

With teams operating in both the United States and Portugal, Friends of Portugal interfaces with its Portuguese based and chartered nonprofit counterpart, Associação Rede Do Progresso (Network of Progress Association) to identify, propose, fund, monitor, and manage projects in Portugal.

This allows local knowledge to be brought to bear upon critical needs in a particular location and time.


What drives us? Relationships.

We believe that true prosperity and well-being goes hand-in-hand with a sense of community and the steady nurturing of deep relationships. Our goal is to cultivate relationships within the community through business, economic and social outreach initiatives that address physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the communities we work with.

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We believe in the preservation of human dignity.

We believe in helping the Portuguese in ways that contribute to their sense of dignity and self-worth. All our partnerships, projects, and initiatives are designed to create personal participation and commitment, developing a sense of accomplishment, worth, and sustainability.

Why Friends of Portugal?


Invest in a cause you believe in

Do you believe that every human being should have the opportunity to achieve their goals and prosper? We do too! Join us in helping the Portuguese find confidence, encouragement, hope and economic prosperity.



Help people feel happier and more empowered.

Portugal has incredible talent, but sometimes all they need is a boost. With your support, Friends of Portugal is able to provide the necessary contacts, encouragement and support to budding entrepreneurs through our various projects and initiatives.



Join a network of people who love portugal: be a part of our TRIPS.

Do you love to travel and are interested in getting to know Portugal? Each year, Friends of Portugal hosts a trip that gives you the chance to get to know our projects and this wonderful country.

Led by experienced Portuguese and American guides, our trips show you the famous landmarks of Lisbon and the surrounding area and introduce you to the generally undiscovered Portugal overlooked by most tourists and visitors. Travel to the ancient castles, battlefields, and sites that shaped world history.

You will meet business & entrepreneurial leaders in both for profit and nonprofit sectors who are creating a new Portugal, and will be sharing their dynamic and innovative initiatives and opportunities, some of which involve Portuguese and U.S. partnerships.

Savor the wonderful food, wine, and hospitality of Portugal as we discover this amazing country at an affordable cost.


Our Programs & Partnerships

Friends of Portugal sustains multiple projects and partners with many others in order to fulfill its mission of supporting the Portuguese. 



 A Ponte is a modern co-working space and enterprise incubator right outside of Lisbon, with a second location in Pedrógão Grande and Castanheira da Pêra. It features offices for rent on an hourly or monthly basis, meeting rooms, seminar areas, and connections to international business leaders and universities. 



A 2,500 square foot warehouse right outside Loures (10 minutes from Lisbon) that re-purposes furniture and appliances that are then sold at more affordable prices. 



A vibrant second-hand store  located in a lower class neighborhood that seeks to provide high quality clothing and household items at affordable prices.   The store has quickly become a local "gathering place" for residents living in the area. 

RE-NASCER (6).jpg

An initiative seeking to revive and support local entrepreneurship in the rural areas of Portugal affected by the devastating fires of 2017. 


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