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Projects P1 - Vintage Furniture and appliances repair. Gifts will provide support for materials, distribution costs, marketing and stipends.

Projects P2 - Business and Ministry Incubator. Supporting efforts to enhance, develop and encourage job skills, personal financial and budget skills, entrepreneurship, enterprise development and management, life coaching and related areas.

Projects P3 - Thrift Store in Massamá. Gifts will support the crucial role that this store is having in its neighbourhood as a point of reference for good quality clothes, but more importantly a place of faith, hope and encouragement.

Projects P4 - Leadership and ministry development. Training and support for existing or aspiring pastors, church layleaders,  ministers and other congregational needs.  

Projects P5 - Special Projects. Other needs in direct support of the Friends of Portugal mission and operations for either individuals or groups that need special assistance and support.


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