Second annual Re-nascer Summit takes place in Pedrógão Grande

The second annual Re-nascer summit took place this past month, bringing together leading entrepreneurs, business leaders and local politicians.


The Re-nascer Das Cinzas project, in partnership with Friends of Portugal, hosted its second annual Re-nascer Summit on Saturday, November 3rd.

The conference was attended by members of the community and local business owners. Several speakers graced the stage and addressed several issues, particulalry economic development in the rural regions, how to build a brand, and how to help young people remain in the the rural areas of  Portugal.

Several politicians from the local municipalities were present including, Alda Carvalho the President of the Municipality of Castanheira da Pêra. Along with Carvalho, the Re-nascer collaborators announced the opening of the Re-nascer Hub a new co-work space founded in conjunction with A Ponte and Friends of Portugal that seeks to be a central place for entrepreneurs and business owners in the region.

As president, Carvalho offered a year-long free office space contract. The Hub will open December 2018.

Carvalho shared how much of an impact the Re-nascer project has had on her community and in the rural regions of Portugal in particular.

“The region of Castnaheira has a lot to gain from being the location from which the A Ponte and Re-nascer co-work space will operate,” she said. “We are proud of this group of young people that have displayed resolve and above all have displayed faith in this region...thank you for everything you have done for this region and for helping us experience the rebirth that we need.”

See some photos from the event below.

All photos were taken by Margarita von Niessen.

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